Frolic #8

I am just so super excited to have completed Frolic Mystery Clue 8!  I can’t wait to see what all of these sets look like when put together! 

Frolicking Through the Pieces!

What a difference a couple of days can make!  Since I got done using my laser to cut the pieces , I have gotten lots of piecing done on Frolic Mystery Quilt!

Broken Lines and Sharp Corners

What a beautiful way to state what I have been feeling, but did not have the right words to express.  Broken lines and sharp corners. 

What Can I Do When Creativity Flees?

“Creativity and anxiety are at odds with each other.  When you are anxious you are vigilant… When you are in that vigilant state you can’t be exploratory, playful, curious, imaginative, creative, innovative, etc.”  Esther Perel, Couples Therapist, from Nov. 11, 2019 episode of “Without Fail” podcast. November has been quite a month.  I came home…

What Does a Classic Car Have in Common with a China Jelly Jar?

I NEED to create!  My mental health depends on it.   In fact, in my opinion we all have a need to create.  The very beginning of the Bible tells us that God is the Creator of everything, be it animal, fish, plant life, geological, or astronomical.   It is right there in the very first chapter….


Home!   I got home to my house on Sunday late evening.  There is so much to do after being gone for over two weeks, not the least of which was laundry.  Load after load of it.  And before I could do said laundry, all bags had to be unpacked and the store put back into…

A Very Good Day!

This morning we woke up in Bedford IN, and headed to our first quilt shop of the day, the Indiana Quilt Depot.  The shop was not open, so again, I stuck a card in the door and we were all ready to move on when we saw movement inside the shop.   I am so glad…

Seeing Red

This should have posted yesterday, but I was too tired to think it through.  Please pretend you are reading this from yesterday!  🙂 Sis and I woke up this morning in Salem IN, and started heading pretty much due east.  I had my list of quilt shops in hand, and we were ready!  We arrived…

Crossing the Mississippi

Today’s adventures were not exactly adventures, but we did cover quite a bit of territory heading northeast.  My sister and I started the day out by doing a bit of shopping at a VF Outlet center that was close to the hotel.  We both managed to find (or did they find us?) a couple of…