My name is Deb, and I love to try all kinds of crafts, especially sewing, and in particular quilting.  I have been around sewing my entire life, as my parents owned an auto upholstery business.  I loved to watch the seamstresses at work.  I myself have been machine sewing since I was in fifth grade,  my first project being a sleeveless dress with a zipper.  My mom tried to teach me, but gave up about the 5th time I told her I could do it myself.  I think I have been doing crafty things “by myself” ever since.  I rarely use a pattern for my quilts, and when I do, I usually make changes.  [Big sigh.]

Before home embroidery machines were on the market, I taught free motion machine embroidery , which included applique, at both a sewing machine dealership and a fabric store, which translated well into free motion quilting.  I have sewn for a bridal shop, worked at a fabric shop for several years, made store display garments and accessories and have sewn for others out of my home.  I have made several wedding dresses, including mine and my daughter’s, and helped out the drama costumer at our high school.  Through all these years, I have always quilted…  Baby quilts for gifts, wall quilts, bed quilts, and t-shirt quilts.  My latest passion is applique… Laser cut applique to be exact.  How I got there is a story I will save for another day, but be assured that they will be the primary focus of this website.

I hope you will enjoy following my creative urges and leave comments and suggestions so that we can work together on this project!  My inspiration seems to come from seeds that others plant, and then they grow, and turn, and change until they are something beautiful.  So come along and join me in making something beautiful!

And don’t forget…  A day patched with quilting seldom unravels!