A Block Emerges

I knew I was late to the party, but I didn’t realize I was THAT late!  Bonnie Hunter’s last clue came out this past week for the Grassy Creek Mystery Quilt.  Oh my!  Friday morning when I opened the blog and saw that it was the reveal, I was so sad that it had taken me so long to get started.

At that point, I had five sets done of Clues 1-4 as I was doing one clue a day, but just with 5 sets.  Then Clue 5 hit me…  Light clue she says.  Does not want it to be difficult between Christmas and New Year’s she said.   (I was already a week past that.)  My issue was the fact that my mind was moving in a hundred different directions.  That was the day the Capitol was breached.  The past two weeks had already been filled with major mental distractions within my family, things that I was constantly taking to prayer for my loved ones, and then this.  My son worked in the Capitol for almost a year many years ago.  I have sat, with proper permission, in the Speaker’s chair.  I have been on the floor of the House.

I love using Wonder Clips to keep my sets together!
I love using Wonder Clips to keep my sets together!
"Grassy Creek Quilt" parts and pieces. The star print is the inspiration for the other colors.
I used all fabrics I already had for this project. The star flower print was my inspiration for all the colors I chose.

I went to the sewing room to get away from the images and try to replace those images with creativity.  And to process and pray while my hands worked.  Five hours I was in that room, and I spent more time ripping out than I did sewing.  LOL.  Little four patches?  No problem!  Getting the colors in the right place on such a day?  Big problem.  I was dealing with three colors.  Just three.  Could I get those in the right order?  No way.  It sure was a good thing this was an easy clue week!


The good news was that I did get the strips cut and some of the flying geese made mainly because there were only two colors and each color is a different shape.

If you are interested in grabbing the Grassy Creek Mystery pattern while it is free, you only have a couple of weeks left.  In spite of this week’s sewing adventures, I love this quilt and the process.  I am sad it is ending.  It is so much fun to go on Instagram and Facebook and see the colors others are using and hear their stories.  It is community… something I need right now.

I hope you have community these days.  I have a great circle of friends that I interact with.  I have come to love Google Duo and Facetime and even Zoom to see their faces.   Community!  If you don’t have one, make your own!  Or join mine!   Contact me, and we could make that happen.  Take care of yourself and be creative!


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