Beginning the Grassy Creek Mystery!

I know I am late to the party, but I have finally begun Bonnie Hunter’s Grassy Creek Mystery Quilt.  I love doing these mysteries.  I always learn so much!

I have been redoing my sewing room for the last couple of months, and have folded and sorted all of my quilt fabric by color.  This made it so easy to pull my colors, and there was a piece that was both perfect for the gray and large enough to use throughout the quilt.  I love this fabric and am using it for inspiration for the rest of the colors.  Win!  I am using a different colorway than Bonnie suggested, but I love it so far.

I have completed 5 sets of Clues 1-4 and today I am ready to start on Clues 5 and 6.  My hope is to have as much as possible of each set done before tomorrow when the next clue comes out.

I love using wonder clips for keeping my sets together!
I love using wonder clips for keeping my sets together!

Speaking of Clues 5 and 6…  Look what came in the mail today!   Two sheets of 36” x 24” newsprint paper.  Not the heavy brown that I normally get, but actual newsprint paper.  Delivered and Free!

And, yes. My Christmas tree is still up.                A person has to have priorities.

I guess I had better get to work sewing.

I hope you get time to create something today!

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