Bluebird of Hope

I am not ashamed to say that I love the bluebird.  This may go back to the early Disney movies I watched as a child.  In these, Snow White sang to a bluebird and a bluebird was a special friend to Sleeping Beauty.  And then there is that cool scene in Cinderella where the bluebird is draping fabric to create Cinderella’s dress.  My desire was to one day see one for real.

Life Happens

Quite a few years ago, I was going through a very difficult period of my life.  I had just completed  a very large project of love, and I was bone tired.  The deadline deadline on a time consuming project was fast approaching.  We had a concerning family situation going.  And then  the oncologist declared there was nothing more to do for my dad.  I emotionally bottomed out.

I was in the living room facing the window at the front of our house.  A  tiny crabapple tree, more stick than tree and was framed perfectly in the window.  I sat pouring my heart out to God.  It was a whiney prayer, very similar in style to the beginnings of many of David’s Psalms.  And I  ended with “Lord, I just need to know that you are still with me.”


I kid you not, almost immediately, a real living bluebird landed on the very tip top of this little “tree” which did not seem strong enough to even hold a bird up.  And not only that, but the sun also came through a break in the clouds and illuminated it like a spotlight.  He was letting me know He was indeed still there, and He had me covered.

When my husband got home from work, we went and bought what we needed to put up a bluebird house, and they moved into it.   We had bluebirds for many years, but about 7 years ago, the sparrows took over the houses and life was too hectic to keep up with the battle, so no more bluebirds in the houses… until this week!  I have a pair of bluebirds actively nesting in the one remaining box!

WHY Now?

The past three years have been trying.  It has not just the lockdown and all that entailed, but my husband and I have lost three siblings (none Covid related).  Also an adult child was going through health problems.   These were hard to deal with due to slow hospital and doctor schedules for testing and appointments.

The arrival of this pair was a welcome distraction for sure!

I hope you understand why the very first laser cut applique I designed was the Bluebird of Hope, and why “hope” is part of the name!  I do love my bluebirds!

Bluebird of Hope Applique Kit
Bluebird of Hope Applique

I hope you find the joy and hope that you need for whatever is going on in your life!  You are special and you ARE noticed!

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