Free Hood Pattern to Keep You Warm!

We have snow everywhere!  My husband has spent hours out there shoveling over the past couple of days.  And it is COLD.  So how does this good man stay warm out there?  He has a few of my snow hoods made from this free hood pattern.   One is not enough, because we all know what our nose does when we get really cold.  We need to have a clean one on hand at all times.  Fortunately, these are extremely inexpensive to make (especially if you watch the remnant bins).  One can be made in less than an hour, including the cutting out.

What you need…

  • Free hood pattern.   DOWNLOAD HERE
  • Fleece, 24” H x 19” W (the stretch should run the width of the piece);   Fleece for two: 24” H x 36” W
  • An hour or less of your time.
  • A sewing machine
  • Thread to match your fleece
  • A printer to print the pattern (only pages 1-6 need printed)
  • Tape to tape the pages together (only pages 1-6 need taped)Snow hood pattern with fabric requirements

Our easy to follow directions are all in the pattern, so once you have collected your supplies, you should be ready to go.  Make sure your PDF print preferences are set to  “Actual Size” before printing the first six pages, and check that box on page one on your printed page to make sure it measures one inch.  This will insure the hood will fit correctly. 

When you share this with your friends, please share the link to this page and not just the pattern.  Exposure to the website is what makes it possible for me to continue to do this.

I hope you create some warmth for yourself, a loved one, your postal worker, a homeless person, or a shelter today!

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Do you have other questions?  Please feel free to contact me!



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