Frolic Blocks Completed!

I took the “Straits of Mackinac” class the end of February and I have been spinning my wheels on my quilts ever since.  I have worked on “Straits of Mackinac”, the whole time feeling guilty because “Frolic” pieces are spread out all over my work area.  I finally decided that I needed to concentrate on “Frolic” so that I could put it all away.

Last night I got really excited because I finished all the half blocks.  I looked at the instructions for pressing the sashing strips which I have been doing as leaders and enders.  To my dismay, I realized that I had quarter blocks to make.  I found the pieces for them and laid them out, and I called it a night.  At least I had them all ready to stitch this morning, which I did as soon as I got up.

Stacks of completed blocks for the Bonnie Hunter Mystery "Frolic".
Those half blocks gave me fits, and I don’t know why!


Now I need to finish pressing the sashing strips.  And I need to figure out where in this house I am going to lay this out!  It is big, and I do not have a design wall (yet!).  I am not going to a store to buy what I need to make one.  In our house, this is going to have to happen by using  floor space.  The problem is that our dog will walk through, lay down on the pieces, and maybe even do a roll or two.  I am going to figure this out by the time I press all of the the strips.  In the scheme of what is going on all around us, this is VERY small potatoes.

I am thankful I have these projects to distract me and a hobby that allows me to pray for my family and loved ones while I work with my hands.  My thankful list is long these days…  my sheltering home, the health of my family and friends, a well stocked pantry, and so much more!  Thankfulness and gratitude make everything so much better!

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