I Knew the Answer Would Come

I knew that if I just prayed and kept moving forward, an answer would come when needed, and it did!  We moved furniture and laid the quilt out in the living room.  I pretty much knew that was where it was going to have to go, but what to do about our dog?   As you can see, that was a legitimate question!

We all have obstacles theses days! We just need to figure out how to work around them!
We all have obstacles theses days! We just need to figure out how to work around them!

As you can also see, there was no way I was going to say no to this.  😊

She just wanted to be near me, and that is too important these days to say no to.

Our Goldendoodle "guarding" the laid out quilt.  Or is she waiting for me to turn my back so she can rearrange it?

After stepping over her many times, I finally got the blocks of “Frolic” in an okay layout.  I do wish I had more of some fabrics and less of others so that I could balance them better, but I love this quilt and have had so much fun making it, so I am okay with what I have.  There are more quilts waiting in the wings and life is too short to obsess over one!

"Frolic" Mystery Quilt by Bonnie Hunter before assembling blocks, laid out on floor.
“Frolic” Mystery Quilt by Bonnie Hunter

Not all the sashings are in place, but since they are pretty similar to one another, I am just going to add one, pretty much any one, as I go.  The cornerstones are all the same fabric, so the same will be true of those.  And my secret weapon?Making the Plan Work by laying fussy blankets over the squares.  The carpet and the squares keep it from getting moved.











My husband helped me gently lay these plush fleece blankets on top.  The plushness of the fleece is going to hold all those pieces together just fine.  I am going to start piecing at the corner, anyway, so this is perfect!   Lucy will be able to sit and look out “her” window, and we will all be happy!

Added bonus:  stair stepping for exercise!   I will use wonder clips to clip the rows together, and exercise my way downstairs to stitch them together.

Who says quilting is sedentary?   Not me!   I hope you find ways to move in your space today!

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