Meet Beeper the Maine Coon Cat

I would like you to meet Beeper, my sister’s Maine Coon cat.  I took this picture of Beeper just before  my computer went down as she enjoyed the sun coming through the sliding glass door.  She is so regal.  Those eyes… they peer clear down inside of you.

Beeper the Maine Coon Cat Relaxes

She is also served as the model for my newest kit release.  My sister and I talk on the phone regularly, as she lives a couple of hours away from me.  We are both usually working on some kind of project while we talk, so we use speaker phone quite regularly.   At some point a couple of months ago, Beeper started coming to the phone and talking to me!   If you have a Maine Coon in your life, you know that they have this unique chirpy sound they make.  (She does meow, but mostly chirps.)  So now, she comes to the phone when she hears my voice and chirps at me.  So, so fun!  I am sure it is because she has heard me talk about “her” so much over the past few months.   If you have been following my posts, this is the kit that has taken forever, and made me come up with new ideas to get it to fit together.  Sis was getting regular updates on “Beeper”, thus the regular use of her name.  LOL.

Beeper, the Maine Coon Cat is a 30 piece fusible laser cut applique kit.  As usual, the batiks are pre-washed with professional detergent to remove excess dye and backed with Steam a Seam 2.  This is a large applique, with the finished applique measuring 18” high by 14 ½” wide.  Each kit comes with a set of green eyes and a set of gold eyes for you to decide between.

I came up with the idea of “pivot pieces” and that worked out beautifully!   This is fully explained in the directions, which as usual are for the most part a series of illustrations to follow to show where exactly each piece fits in the “puzzle”.

I am also learning to “pivot” with this whole computer situation.  It looks like the one that we bought (and that I am typing on right now!) is going to go back to the store.  The main function I was looking for, and was told that this one had, it does not have.   We have spent hours chatting with “experts” and researching and are more confused than ever.  It looks like this one is going back to the store, and who knows what will follow us home.  A phrase I heard many years ago… “Blessed are the flexible for they shall not break.”  I am staying flexible!  We are healthy, and life is good!   This will resolve, and we shall move on!

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