Some of My Favorite Things… Grandkids and Flowers

Since we have been home from the show, we have had two of our grandchildren here.  We are now on Day 4.  I love hanging out with any of my grandchildren, but I am understanding why I am hearing “I’m so tired!” from my daughter a lot these days.  The little year and a half cutie sure is mischievous!  Did you even know a computer screen could do that???   I did not!  I am so thankful right now that Google can answer all of my computer questions!

Little one looking out the window.
How can such a cutie get into so much mischief???

We are blessed to live in the country on a large lot that at one time was part of my husband’s father’s farm property.  After the rains stopped yesterday, and we all needed a break from the house, we all went outside.  The littles can run pretty free (under watchful eyes of course!), so I pulled weeds which were taking over my world, while they played on the swings, the slide, and the hammock.  I am sad that kids in this society don’t get the freedom that I did as a child.

I feel so inspired this morning after uncovering all of these flowers!  There are still plenty of weeds out there, but I am going to enjoy the flowers instead of looking at the weeds!  I hope you enjoy them too!

These are special favorites!  Black and blue salvia!  I love sitting in the living room and watching the hummingbirds work them!



Please take time today to enjoy and gain inspiration from the everyday things that surround you!

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