We Are Blossoming!

After God and family, I love quilting and designing! And close behind those is my flowers. I miss them so in the winter, but without that time of waiting, I know I would not appreciate the spring flowers near enough. One of my very favorite spring flowers is the poppy. I just love the oranges, reds and that dark purple center. Such beautiful colors together!

poppies, color inspiration, Artfully Quilted Design, Purple and Red
Poppies from my garden!

Talk about inspiration! My poppies are the inspiration for my latest kit, appropriately named Spring Poppy!

The gorgeous batiks are perfect for this kit. At the show I did recently, there were actually audible gasps when people saw the poppy sample quilt and the Beeper the Maine Coon Cat quilt.  They are both very large, and very eye catching.  Another thing that I heard, and surprised me greatly was a fairly frequent question… “What kind of paint do you use on those?”  Paint?  Who said anything about paint!  Any shows I do from here on out will sport a banner or sign saying something to the affect of “Fabric! These are fabric!”  I am sure I will come up with a much more tactful way of expressing that, but that will be the message.  It did open up a chance to explain that they were iron on laser cut for accuracy FABRIC appliques. LOL.  But what a compliment that they thought they were watercolors!

I hope you enjoy looking at these as much as I do.  The poppy itself is large, measuring 18” high and 23 ½” wide.  It makes a stunning piece of art to hang on a wall or to grace the center of your bed and is an eye grabber for sure.

Make sure to look for inspiration all around you today! It is always there. Some days we just need to look harder!

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