Scissors on a String

My work area is currently a bit discombobulated.   Bringing the laser into the area last summer shifted everything, and I am still trying to figure out a good working pattern and how to arrange everything to be able to work efficiently.  Currently, my ironing board is about 12 feet from my sewing machine that I use for piecing and the worktable is somewhere in between.  (This WILL change soon!) At least I get my steps in while working!

One of my problems is snippers and scissors.  I have tried to have one at each workspace, but somehow I keep moving them, resulting in it being across the room when needed.  More steps for my day!  And it takes longer to get the project done…

While sorting through scraps for the “Straits of Mackinac” quilt I am working on, I came across a card of leftover quilt binding and creativity struck.  This was perfect for making a very fast and easy lanyard for my small scissors, especially since I also had swivel hooks on hand!  Here is how I did it in about 5 minutes!

This is how I store my leftover bindings.  Reduce, reuse, recycle.  LOL
This is how I store my leftover bindings.  Reduce, reuse, recycle.  LOL
  1. Before starting, check your swivel hook and make sure your scissors will fit in its clasp’s opening! Mine fit this pair of scissors, but not my little snippers.
Scissors String a
I was not planning on writing a tutorial or my topstitching would have been the same on both sides!  I was just in a hurry to make something I needed NOW.  LOL
  1. I chose to put two layers of binding, wrong sides back to back, together as my swivel hook was for a 1″ strap.  If you have a swivel hook with a smaller strap ring, you could just fold your binding in half lengthwise.  I cut two strips, each 42” long so that the scissors would lay in my lap while sewing and be long enough to use while wearing.  If you are folding a strip in half, you will only need to cut one strip.  Topstitch along the two long edges to hold the two pieces together.
Scissors String c
This picture was taken just for the tutorial.    It is not topstitched.  And no.  I did not backstitch when I sewed because I am going to rip it out and save the fabric. But, yes.  You do need to backstitch.
  1. Slide the hook onto the strap. Bring the two ends of the strap together, right sides facing each other, and stitch about ¼” from the cut edge.  Make sure your swivel hook is on the strap before stitching!

Scissors String d

  1. Turn the strap right sides out. Slide the swivel hook down to the seam, and stitch as shown to hold it in place.
  2. Put it over your head, and get back to your project! 😊

Scissors String e

These would make nice gifts for a group of fellow sewists or quilters!   I hope it helps you create something fun today!

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