A New Cardinal Assembly Video!

I will be the first to admit that the “Scarlet Cardinal” tutorial video was awful, even though it was quite useful.  I have had comments about how useful those basic instructions were for doing the other kits.  But, wow!  It was over 40 minutes long and much of that was bumbling.  And that is NOT who I am.  It has bothered me to no end for over a year, but videos take a lot of work, and there were just too many other important things to deal with.  I decided a few days ago that I “canst take it noes more.”  (Can you hear Popeye?  Do you even know who Popeye is?)  So, yesterday was video editing day.  All day.  It was quite the learning experience, including the fact that I need to be finding new software for this.

Full assembly instructions for the "Scarlet Cardinal" kit from Artfully Quilted Design.
Click the photo to see the video!

Am I happy with the finished product?   No.  The music drives me nuts.  I lowered and lowered the volume, and the software would put it back up.  It finally won.  Some day when I have an entire day with nothing to do, I may fix that.  BUT the content is good AND complete.  And the video is under TWELVE minutes long!   That right there makes the day worth it!

So, now….  I just need to go sew!   Have a wonderful creative day!

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