What Little Pretties!


Today I am going out on the road to visit some quilt shops.  I know, tough job, but this is just one of the reasons why I love my job!

Watercolor Blossoms Scatterings Kit
Watercolor Blossoms Scatterings Kit

In anticipation of spring, I have been kitting up these little beauties from the Watercolor Blossoms kit.   I just love the colors and how they blend together.   Just like in nature, no two are the same, but they are beautiful together.  I am thinking about making a sweet little pillow with them at the center for spring.  I can’t decide between little pom pom centers or beads.  I guess I will have to lay them out and see what looks better!

What would you create with these little lovelies?   I hope this sparks your creativity so you can create something of your own today!

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