On the Road Again!

On the road again…  Gee.  Someone should make a song of that!  Wow, now I can hear it in my head, and it will probably be stuck there for awhile.

After a day in the Nashville TN area we have moved on.  While in the Nashville area, we traveled to Franklin TN at a Facebook friend’s suggestion, and visited the Stitcher’s Garden.  What a store!   I think Myra has about anything you could possibly want.  And now she has added Artfully Quilted Design’s kits to her selection!

To give you an idea of just how much is in this store, take a look…

“Stitcher’s Garden” in Franklin TN
Inside Stitcher's Garden
Inside “Stitcher’s Garden

And now these northern girls have crossed the border into Arkansas, and cotton fields. So cool as a quilter to see where it all begins.  It has been a very long time since I have seen cotton in the fields, so I just had to pull over and get a couple of pictures.

Cotton in the Fields
LARGE field of nothing but cotton.

Tomorrow is kind of a day off for us…  Most quilt shops aren’t open on Sunday.  It won’t stop us from handing out business cards, but it will slow us down.

I am looking forward to just enjoying the scenery and getting my creative reservoir filled up.  I hope to get into the English Paper Piecing that I brought to work on as well.

What will you be creating today?


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