On the Road!

My sister and I are on the road, visiting quilt shops, and we decided to go into Paducah to see the National Quilt Museum after about six different people told us we had to go there.  We got into town late afternoon, and after some last minute hurried phone calls, and my sister in law and niece, who live a couple of hours from Paducah decided to join us the next morning.  What a great time we had!

The National Quilt Museum side wall with the name and a large "barn quilt" on the brick.
We’ve arrived!


National Quilt Museum Historical Marker with the mayor's proclamation that Paducah is Quilt City USA


Four National Quilt Museum Stained Glass window displays on the front of the building.
Stained glass at the front of the National Quilt Museum Building


Artfully Quilted Design owner in front of the stained glass windows of the National Quilt Museum with Cardinal applique on the back of her denim jacket.
I love stained glass!


I was blown away by the quilted artwork of Danny Amazonas, the special exhibit that was going on.  The hundreds of tiny pieces that made up each quilt were incredible, and all of the colors!   It did not seem as if the colors would fit together, but it all did, and was incredible.

National Quilt Museum's Description of Danny Amazonas' unique technique
Description of Danny Amazonas’ Technique


"Family Portrait" art quilt by Danny Amazonas is a large quilt depicting four posed golden retrievers.
“Family Portrait” by Danny Amazonas, 2015, 62″ x 54


"Intermission" by Danny Amazonas is a large art quilt of two ballerinas resting.
“Intermission” by Danny Amazonas, 2015, 66″ x 58″


So much inspiration!  The entire museum was so inspiring and so humbling!  Beautiful, beautiful art everywhere you turned!  If you ever get a chance to see these quilts, be sure to do it!

After the Quilt Museum, we stopped at Hancock’s of Paducah… another wonderful experience.  It was also overwhelming!   So much color!  SOOOO many fabrics, and almost all of them quilt fabric!

Hancocks of Paducah is quite unassuming from the outside.
Hancocks of Paducah is quite unassuming from the outside.


Hancocks of Paducah! Huge store that goes on forever with row after row of fabric.
Look at all that fabric!


This was a day to remember for sure!!!


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