Homemade Noodles and Masks

It is amazing how full a day can be when there is a little in the house!  My little helped sew some masks to take to momma’s hospital.  She sat on my lap and guided the fabric (kind of!) while I pressed on the foot pedal.

IMG_1061 crop

I used a scrap of acrylic and painters tape to make a seam guide for her to rest the edge of the fabric along, and she did well.   Machines came with seam guides when I was learning to sew.  I wish they still did!


We managed to make quite a pile of Face Mask Covers (click here for instructions), which I then delivered to Momma’s front door, leaving them on the front porch and blowing momma a kiss.  Little was super excited about the kitty masks and got pretty excited when Momma FaceTimed and put one on.


I am using this home bound time to take inventory of my cupboards and freezer, using up odds and ends that have accumulated.  We live in a rural area, so we stock up on some things at the beginning of winter in case we get snowed in.  Tonight’s meal was great.  Turkey noodle soup with homemade noodles!  Click here for my Homemade Egg Noodles recipe.  They are EASY!   You probably already have the ingredients, too!


I found a small bag of Duram Noodle Flour that I bought at a bulk food store last fall and put in the freezer and forgot about.   I already had a container of turkey and broth from the Thanksgiving turkey frozen and ready for the veggies, so this was easy!  Little thought making the noodles was like playing with Play Dough, which it really is.


And again I say…  It is amazing how full a day can be when there is a little in the house!

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