A New Pet… Kinda

What a beautiful weekend we had, and time to enjoy it!   It has been nice to take a break from all the rush and enjoy and appreciate the blessings that surround us.  Little had a great time playing outside.  I kind of feel guilty having an old but wonderful wooden swing set and a very fun-to-twirl-around tree swing.   In our state the playgrounds have all been closed because this virus lives on hard surfaces, but we have our own.  Videos of her giggles do momma good, and that is good!

We did some yard work in the sun, and my husband decided to clean out some twigs that for some strange reason were in the bird feeder.


Suddenly something jumped or flew out and he had no idea what.  We knew it landed in the tree, as Lucy was on it!


A bit later, I was going to move the feeder to a different branch because we wanted to do some trimming, and I actually saw it leave.  I’m still not sure if it was a jump or a fly, but out it came, and landed in front of my husband who was on the other side of the tree.



Do we have flying squirrels in Ohio?   Why, yes we do!

Lucy really wanted to climb that tree!

We told Little about “Rocky and Bullwinkle” being part of our youth, so of course we had watch some on YouTube.  And now our “pet” flying squirrel is named Rocky.   I sure hope he/she doesn’t get into as much trouble as Rocky seemed to!  Quite a gift from God!  Something for EVERY member of our family to enjoy!

But now we are afraid to trim the tree and disrupt him/her.  Are their babies in that feeder?   Who knows!?!   How do we find out?  LOL

Of course, face mask cover sewing went on as well, but you have seen enough pictures of those.  I even made a couple for my husband for when he has to go out in public.  Our Governor (who has been awesome during this time) has asked us to wear them in public, so that is what we will do!

Look for the pleasures in this time we are in.   I call them “silver linings.”   They are everywhere, but sometimes you have to look.  Creativity seems to bring them to the surface, too.  Please create something… anything!… today!

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