Frolicking and Masks with Company

I have been working on Frolic a bit at a time before I go to bed at night.  It has been a normalizer for me and helps me sleep better at night.  And besides, I really needed all these little pieces out of my work space!   TADA!   Not all assembled, but ONE MORE SEAM!  (And it is not completely pressed, and many points are off, but my head is just not in the game right now!)  Now I can put much of the “leftovers” away, and box the pieces for the borders and keep them all together to work on after I run out of elastic.

Frolic top in two pieces
Did you notice those little feet in the corner?


Lucy feeling left out
This one was feeling left out that she didn’t make the photo!

Did you know that Bonnie Hunter has started another semi-mystery quilt-a-long?   If you are looking for something to do and have scraps to be used, you can check it out here.

Yes!  We have little feet at our house, and will have them for the duration.  That has added much life (and many things to do) to our household of two.  We have two critical care nurses in the family, and one is the mother of this little one.  She had a night a little over a week ago when she was concerned that she may have been exposed at work, and was concerned about bringing it home to the little, so we picked this one up and brought her home before Mom got home.   I am SOOO thankful for video calling right now!  Mom reads her books, and just hangs out with her while she plays.  And Mom is no longer fearful that she was exposed that night, but as things are ramping up with the virus, it is less stress for her to know that little is safe.

And that is a large part of why I have gotten so involved in the fabric mask covers project.  If you would like the free pattern for the N95 Face Mask COVER that one of our local health care systems is using, click here Face Mask PDF.  This is a fabric cover to keep the high demand, low supply clean.


And we will be making these up today!  At least until our elastic runs out.   I have some on order, and my daughter ordered a huge roll that is lost in the postal system somewhere, so maybe that will come today.   Again, we are physically distancing.  We will trade these things off by hanging plastic grocery bags on door knobs.

Now you know what I am creating today.  How about you?   What will you create?



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