I Love Celtic Knots!

I have been so interested in knots as long as I can remember.  It started with my father’s boat, then Girl Scouts, then macramé… and has never ended.  When I first really noticed Celtic knots and their symbolism, I was hooked.  Celtic knots are not so much knots as braids, and once you notice them, you find they are everywhere.  They are on floors in ancient tiles, on headstones in cemeteries, adorning old leather book covers and stained glass…

I chose these three knots for their beauty and symbolism:

Trinity Knot photo from the Artfully Quilted Design Celtic Knots kit.
Trinity Knot

The Trinity Knot:  The Celts celebrated that many important aspects of life came in sets of three.  There are three stages to life (life, death, and rebirth), three elements of the Celtic faith (the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit), and three physical spaces (earth, sea, and sky), and three spaces of time (past, present, and future).

Love Knot

The Love Knot:  Two entwined hearts to create a never ending couplet.

The Shield Knot from the Celtic Knots kit from Artfully Quilted Design.
The Shield Knot

The Shield Knot:  This knot denotes protection and was used on the battlefield as well as the sick room.  This seems so appropriate for 2022!


You can use these beautiful appliques to adorn pillows, wall hangings, table settings, aprons, quilts, and any thing else your mind can conceive! We used hand dyed batik to create these.  You just iron them on the cotton setting of your iron for 15 seconds, and you have a completed project.  I just want to help you create something beautiful and meaningful!

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