Frolicking Through the Pieces!

What a difference a couple of days can make!  Since I got done using my laser to cut the pieces through the Frolic Mystery Quilt Day 7, just 4 days ago, I have gotten lots of piecing done!  And these days contained lots of other family and friend related activity as well!

Frolicking 1

It sure helps to have perfectly cut pieces!  Others have completed their quilts, or at least the tops, but I am very happy with the progress of mine, considering everything else that has been going on in our lives!

Frolicking 2

These pieces are looking good, and I can’t wait to get this top assembled.  At this point, with all the flying geese and half square triangles, and then the pinwheels, and I just can’t wait to see it all together!  I am quite sure much progress will be made over the next few days as well!  The creative juices are flowing for sure now!

Frolicking 3

The directions for this quilt are free at this point, but will be removed from the Quiltville site in just a couple of weeks.    The fabric requirements were posted the end of October, 2019, and then the clues were posted each week beginning the day after Thanksgiving.  I encourage you to take a look, and get them while they are free!

Make sure you create something today!  Creating smiles counts!

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