Frolic #8

I am just so super excited to have completed Frolic Mystery Clue 8!  I can’t wait to see what all of these sets look like when put together!  In spite of many errands and family here for a couple of days, I was able to get all of the sets completed for Clue 8.  The clues, which when put all together make the entire quilt, will only be free for a couple more weeks.  After that, they will be for sale as a downloadable pattern.

Frolic 8 sets
Many of these sets are completed, and ready to be connected to each other!
Frolic Clue 8
Piles of blue, aqua, and salmon, my favorite colors!

I am loving all the pictures I am seeing on Instagram of the already completed Bonnie Hunter Frolic Mystery Quilts!   I am really anxious to add mine to the album!

What are you creating today?

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