Masks, Masks, and More Masks!

I first of all want to thank every single one of you who are working on this mask project!   No matter which mask pattern you are using, or what part you are playing, this is all adding up!  If you are busy on Facebook or another site leading a virtual group while they sew at home, thank you!   If you are making two masks a day because you are homeschooling your kids, thank you!   If you are picking up masks from others and delivering to the healthcare facility, thank you!  And if you are a healthcare worker wearing one of these masks, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!  These masks are making a difference!!!   The healthcare workers are feeling our love and support, visitors visiting who sneeze are not getting it on others, store clerks have a bit of protection.  Are you aware that some hospitals had told workers to wear bandanas around their face?   These are SOOO much better!   Not front line defense, but it all helps.

Face Mask Covers
Here are a few of the covers I have made!

Have you made masks, but don’t know what to do with them?   Check out the We Need Masks website!  You can even listen to how this website came to be by clicking here.  This website lists healthcare organizations that need masks, as well as links to the pattern they are asking for you to use and any additional information such as fabric types, thread types (did you know some want 100% cotton while some want 100% polyester?), elastic vs ties, etc!   I have heard on Facebook of people making masks and having their local facility turn them down.  I have to wonder if they made theirs differently than what that facility wanted.  Or possibly the person that “answered the door” was just not informed.  Please remember that some of these workers are working tons of hours and are working in their specialty.  They may not be aware of what is going on outside of their unit, their specialty, or their state even.   I can assure you, there is someplace or someone else that would be thrilled to have the masks you have made, and they may be near you.  And please, check and see if your local facility is on this website.  The type of mask they are looking for should be there if they are listed, and maybe even drop off information.

Please, please, PLEASE!!!   Keep creating!   It is making a difference!

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