The lady at the hotel told us there were quilt shops on our way to Eureka Springs, including one IN Eureka Springs, so we headed west.  We had barely left the town limits and we came across the first one.  As I walked onto the porch tiny kittens started pouring out of a padded box under a bench.  I had to stop and stand still to keep from stepping on one, and quickly had three of them sitting on my right foot.  Did I think to take a picture?  Of course not.  Sorry!  This shop had LOTS of completed quilts and a friendly owner.  We told her about our trip and my business, and she told us all about their shop and their building, and gave us directions to more shops, and off we went.

We only travelled about a mile down the road for the next shop, and despite what her business card and her big sign said, she was closed that day.  Oh, well.  There were more down the road.  We stopped at another, but it was also not a good fit for our business but did have a lot to see. THEN we saw the “Hillbilly” (owner’s description!) that pointed us to McKee’s Sewing Center, just outside Green Forest, AR.

What a delightful visit we had here!  Faye was so friendly, and stories!  Did she have stories!  We even waited a bit while she cut her pastor’s hair, and found that she was from the same denomination I am, so her pastor was brought into the conversations as well.  We were there for two hours, and it was delightful!  And there are now a few of my kits at McKee’s Sewing Center.  Faye sent us on our way with several business cards and some shops that we had to go to.

McKee's Sewing Center, Green Forest AR has a large hillbilly out front
Faye’s “Hillbilly” pointing the way.


And on to Eureka Springs we went.  And once again, the local quilt shop was closed.  We walked around one of the most interesting towns I have ever seen, which is built into the side of a mountain.  I swear if you stayed here long enough one leg would have to grow longer to keep you balanced.  We met many artisans, swapped business cards, and had a very interesting and inspiring time.

Beautiful building in Eureka Springs
Eureka Springs!


Layered rock walls and poured stairs up the sides of the big hill in Eureka Springs
Just along the sidewalk.


Trees and layered rock form natural walls with landscaping in front in Eureka Springs
More sidewalk scenery.


Such interesting architecture in Eureka Springs, Arkansas
Old architecture typical to Eureka Springs. Did you notice the house above this building?


We left Eureka Springs, and got back on the road to head toward Mountain View, where Faye told us we had to go and talk to a particular lady.  Tomorrow will be another full day!

Arkansas beautiful sunset

Faye's "Hillbilly" in front of McKee's Sewing Center


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