Last Adventures in the Ozarks

We woke up in Mountain Home AR, finally moving toward the east, and hopefully by the end of the day, north as well.  Faye from yesterday had told me that we needed to go to Sew Smart Sewing Center to talk with them about my kits.  The ladies there had great ideas and were extremely helpful.  After consulting the internet and finding three more quilt shops in the area, we headed off to find them.  We stopped in at Sew Unique, a lovely shop with an area where their customers can sell their handmade items, such a great idea in such a rural area!

From there we set out for the next shop, which was supposed to be just down the road.  Well, fifteen miles later we found the address and it was NOT a quilt shop, and did not appear it ever had been.  We decide to move to our next planned area, as the route we would take north ran out of there.  We put that town, Salem AR into the GPS, found a place to turn around (not an easy task in this area) and started out.  The GPS kept trying to turn us around to keep heading the way we had been, and after much consultation we decided to go with that.  What an experience!  The GPS was trying to tell us to leave our good road and turn onto dirt roads for 8 miles.  We started ignoring all that, and finally found the small town we were looking for.  We sure saw some beautiful and interesting scenery along the way!

Interesting scenery while we were trying to find our way back!
Scenery while we were trying to find our way back!


Interesting rock formations areas.
Interesting rocks areas.


Such an interesting rock formation.
Such an interesting rock formation.


Beauty in God's creation!
Beauty in God’s creation!


So serene! Beautiful creek amongst large trees.
So serene!


There was a quilt shop, The Quilted Heart in that town, Horseshoe Bend, AR, so we decided to stop by.  What a talented and creative lady she is!   The shop was full of not only beautiful quilts, but also upscaled furniture, and “trash to treasure” decorative items.  Eye candy abounded!  She was so friendly and the visit was one of the highlights of the trip.  We have met so many great people in AR!


She even had an antique sock knitter!
She even had an antique sock knitter!


Our next destination?  Dinner.  And not just any dinner, but we had our hearts set on Lambert’s Cafe, Home of the Throwed Roll, in Sikeston MO.  We had been there on a road trip quite a few years ago, and have both wanted to return ever since.  We were not to be disappointed!  It was every bit as good and fun as we had remembered.   They have three locations (check their website for more information) and my sister and I both recommend you visit one if you get a chance!  If you look at the prices, just realize that the portions are HUGE!


More cotton fields in Missouri.
More cotton fields in Missouri.


Photo of Lambert's Cafe, Home of the Throwed Roll
Lambert’s Cafe, Home of the Throwed Roll


We spent the night in Sikeston, and will head north in the morning.  My mind is spinning with ideas after visiting The Quilted Heart.  I am creating by writing ideas and lists for when I get home!


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