A Snow Hood Kind of Day

We are having a winter wonderland kind of day today! Watching my husband out shoveling snow this morning reminded me that I have not mentioned the FREE PDF Snow Hood pattern yet this winter.  I don’t know what the weather has been doing in your part of the country, but here in Ohio, we just have not had much winter this year. I can hear my grandma in my head telling me to knock on wood after making that statement, so I want you to know that in honor of Grandma, I have knocked on wood. 😊

I love the blue my camera picks up when it is barely light out!
I love the blue my camera picks up when it is barely light out!
2020 Snow Day
Oh so pretty!

This free pattern is best made from polar type fleece. I love to pick up remnants when I find them for these kinds of projects, so I can make one up quick if I need a gift. They would be perfect to donate to a group that ministers to the homeless as well. I am  making some up for just that purpose!  They go together quickly and are oh so warm!

Get your free PDF pattern here, and please feel free to pass this on, especially to someone who would make and donate these to a great cause!

Keep warm, and use this snow day to create something special! I know for some of you, that may be coloring pictures or playing with play dough with snow bound littles! These times are fleeting and so important!

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