The Creative Grids Stripology Ruler Has Not Disappointed!

After participating last year in Bonnie Hunter’s “Good Fortune” Mystery Quilt, I KNEW I needed a better, quicker way to cut strips.  I had been hearing good things about the Creative Grids ruler’s gripping capabilities, so I purchased a 24” x 6 ½” standard straight ruler.  I loved it!

After seeing how well those gripper dots work, decided to take the dive and buy the Creative Grids Stripology ruler and it has not disappointed!  The one I purchased is the CGRGE1, which has printed measurements for 14” x 20”.  This ruler has 14” slots in ½” increments that you insert your rotary cutter into to cut strips.  I was able to fold the width of my fabric to fit within the 14” and line the fold up with a horizontal line to make sure it was straight.  I was able to quickly cut multiple strips without moving the ruler. 

Yes.  I own a laser.  Yes.  It is amazing for cutting fabric.  BUT… sometimes it takes longer to set up to use the laser than it does to use a ruler and rotary cutter.  

Stripology Ruler 3
You can see how the ruler is so very clearly marked. The slot on the “0” line makes it easy to straighten the edge for the first cut.


The very best part is that lines of Creative Grids gripper run between each and every slot!  This baby does not slide anywhere.

Stripology Ruler 2
Can you see the frosted grippy stripes between the cut slots? And those teardrops to get your rotary cutter situated to cut.


I have to admit there was a small learning curve at the beginning of using the Creative Grids Stripology Ruler.  I found that I had an easier time getting my 60 mm rotary cutter into the slot (there are teardrop shaped cutouts to get the blade started) than my 45 mm cutter.  This is a flexible acrylic, so you have to be a bit careful not to cut the ruler itself.  Having said that, the first couple of cuts I had to fuss a bit, but it quickly became routine. I have not regretted this purchase at all!  This made the cutting for Bonnie Hunter’s Frolic Mystery SO much faster!  You can also cut diamonds, etc, using the angled markings on the ruler and cutting in the slots, but I have not done that yet, so I can not comment on that aspect.  Maybe later!

I considered a die machine to cut with, but I do not need another machine in my limited space.  Plus those dies really add up money wise!  This is a great alternative and so easy to store.   I am adding a link to it so you can see for yourself.  I really love this ruler!

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