A Lovely Virginia Day!

I am back in Virginia!  I drove in Thursday, with threats of snow at my destination.  I drove in snow flurries through half of West Virginia, and the western edge of Virginia, but by the time I got to the twirly swirly roads, it had stopped.  Hurray!  Family was waiting, and I would have had to take that last stretch of road very slowly if there had been snow.  Doable.  But I am grateful to have avoided it!

Yesterday, Friday, was glorious.  The skies were blue and the sun was shining.  The views were spectacular!

2020 The Blue Ridge in February with a cloudless blue sky
Blue skies overhead!!!
2020 Blue Ridge Feb
There is a reason it is called Blue Ridge Mountains!

I had been seeing signs for the Blue Ridge Parkway and Skyline Drive both on the same sign posts.  I pulled over to take photos of the scenery, and turned around and a car went through up above me.  I am driving the road where the red car is.  Up where those historic signs are is another road!  I am pretty sure it is either the Blue Ridge Parkway or Skyline Drive, but I have no idea which!

2020 Two VA Roads
Surprise! A road above!

So today was a quilt shop day.  I have been hearing about some terrific shops in central Virginia, and I was not disappointed.  I first visited Patchwork Plus in Dayton.   That store goes on and on!   The displays are beautiful and arranged so nicely!  The best part was how friendly and helpful the staff was!

I then traveled south to The Quiltery in Fairfield VA.   I love these shops that are full of surprise rooms!  What an impression I made there!  I thought I locked myself out of the rental car when I went to leave!  I tried every door except the drivers door, including the back lift gate to no avail.  When the awesome, friendly lady at the counter (oh, why, oh why did I not get her name?) came out to help me, she walked right over to the driver’s door and opened it.  Yep.  That was how I was rolling yesterday!  Then when I get back to family, I have a message that I left something there.  Yikes!   They are going to mail that to me.  What service!!!  AND!!!!  The Quiltery has now been added to the list of shops that carry my kits!  If you are in the central Virginia area, stop by and check them out!

And why am I in Virginia?   It is always good to see family!   But this trip is doubly good.   I will be taking Bonnie Hunter’s “Straits of Mackinac” class today!   That link is what really made me decide this was the one I wanted to make for ME!  How could a resist taking this class?  The venue is close to family and this is a quilt that has been on my list, and I had already purchased the book and had been building the stash for it.  Wins all around!

I plan on creating something beautiful today!  How about you???

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