A Slower Paced Easter

No masks in this post!   I did make myself one and a couple for friends, but have laser, will move on.  Another need that is out there is “ear savers.”  Nurses and other medical personnel are covering their masks with fabric masks.  The elastic us home sewists are using hurts the back of their ears, so items are being created to help with that.  I cut a bunch of ear savers out of acrylic this weekend.  Little’s momma took them to work and handed them out, and then requested more!   Little is thrilled to be able to do things for momma at this point, and got involved in this, pulling the protective plastic off them after they were cut.  These go at the center back of the head, and the elastic pieces hook onto it.

Ear Savers

We all had different Easter’s this year from what we consider “ordinary.”  Ours was different because we never left our property and only had Little here when we “normally” have a houseful.  However, that does NOT mean it was bad.  I had more time to reflect on what Easter truly means and all of this is giving me a new appreciation for things that have become routine.  I also have had to brush up on some “skills” that I have not used for a long time…  such as egg coloring!   It had been YEARS since I have colored eggs!   That has somewhat been replaced in our tradition with decorated cut out cookies, which we did not do this year.  It is all topsy turvy.    To top it off, we had to go old school and use food coloring to do it.  1/2 C water, 1 tspn. vinegar, and 20 drops of food coloring is what I was told.  I only had paste cake coloring, s we just used that and added it until it looked right.

Easter Eggs 2

We had an egg hunt inside the house because it was too wet outside.  It was still fun, and Little loved it!

We also started some seeds that I had collected last year.  Or previous to that.  LOL   We also cut back one of my favorites, a Black and Blue Salvia, that I brought in in its pot last fall.  It has gotten very tall and lanky, over 5′ with only leaves at the very top.  I have been told they will root in water, so we cut it back, leaving a few leaves to keep the plant going.  It is now showing little signs of branching out, so we will just keep cutting it back  a little at a time and hoping they root!  I would love to have lots of them, as the hummingbirds absolutely love them.

Planting seeds

Black & Blue

It dried off and warmed up in the afternoon, so outside we went.  So great to be able to get out of the house!

All in all, a great weekend in spite of all this going on!

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Bunny Table Runner w logo last day sale




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