Seeing Red

This should have posted yesterday, but I was too tired to think it through.  Please pretend you are reading this from yesterday!  🙂

Sis and I woke up this morning in Salem IN, and started heading pretty much due east.  I had my list of quilt shops in hand, and we were ready!  We arrived at the first shop, and found out that it had become an online only business, in spite of the website talking about the  walk in customers.  A phone call to them didn’t help either, so we moved on to the next shop.  It was a very cute little shop with great displays, however it was not open, in spite of us being there during their open hours.  Oh, well.  I am getting good at finding a space to tuck a card inside a door.

We did find a wonderful small antique shop in Flora IN.  One of us (identity is hidden due to it being a gift… LOL) purchased a small, talking toy, complete with batteries so we would know it worked.  This was the biggest laugh of the trip!  We are traveling down the road, and this thing is sitting on top of suitcases in the back seat chattering it’s little heart out.  We were already laughing pretty hard, and then the little guy pipes up and says, “I’m so funny!”.  Needless to say, we had to pull off the road before we caused and accident.  We were both laughing so hard we couldn’t breathe.

And it turned out to be that kind of day!  Not far from that spot we passed a semi painted as a billboard.  A “Red Skelton Museum“!  Who knew there was one!  We knew where our next stop would be!

The museum is located on the campus of Vincennes University in Vincennes IN, where Red grew up on the banks of the Wabash River.  I am giving a lot away here, but sis and I both grew up with Red being one of our favorites, and we were not disappointed with this museum!

The outside of the Red Skelton Museum with his caricature and a large red RED.
Red Skelton Museum!


The many public faces of Red Skelton all on display.
The public faces of Red Skelton!


Many of hRed Skelton's paintings are on display as well.
Many of his painting are on display as well.


Freddie the Freeloader was my favorite display!
Freddie the Freeloader was my favorite!


I just had to buy sis and I each one of these buttons!  It is last years festival button, but “On the Road Again” was just perfect for this trip!

On the Road Again with Red Button
On the Road Again with Red


From here, we headed to the last quilt shop of the day, The Stitching Post in Washington IN.  I was immediately in love with the huge front window being FULL of vintage machines.  They were very gracious even though I walked in right at closing.  We had crossed the time zone line, and I was an hour later than I had thought!   This is a beautiful store, and was totally worth the visit!


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