A Very Good Day!

This morning we woke up in Bedford IN, and headed to our first quilt shop of the day, the Indiana Quilt Depot.  The shop was not open, so again, I stuck a card in the door and we were all ready to move on when we saw movement inside the shop.   I am so glad I didn’t miss them!  Gordon, Sharon, and Laura (And Flirt.  We could never forget Flirt!) were so friendly, and it felt like we had known them forever.  And now they have several of our kits in their shop!  This is a delightful store and Viking Husqvarna dealership, with much eye candy to enjoy!  After a 2 1/2 hour visit, and much information exchanged, we were back on the road again.

Indiana Quilt Depot sign
Indiana Quilt Depot


Indiana Quilt Depot has a great selection of fabrics and patterns.
Indiana Quilt Depot has a great selection.


Gordon and Flirt. Gordon is on the right. :)
Gordon and Flirt. Gordon is on the right. 🙂

We got back on the road again, heading for Ohio.  At this point we were both getting a bit anxious to be home.  The trees became more and more colorful as we approached our home state.  We made one more quilt shop stop, and I was so glad we did.  It was a birthday party for The Quilter’s Nook’s fifth birthday!  The ladies at this party were the friendliest, most welcoming ladies around, and the shop was wonderful.  Unfortunately, I was having such a good time talking to these ladies, that I didn’t take any pictures of the inside of the building or my new friends!  I guess you will just have to stop in and see for yourself if you are ever in their area.

The Quilter's Nook sign
The Quilter’s Nook


A freshly cut field and beautiful tree line in Indiana.
Scenery when we were still in Indiana.


Beautiful scenery all around!  And above a lovely blue fall sky.
The other side of the road!


And just down the road?

Ohio Welcome sign


The leaves are changing color in Ohio.
The closer we get to home the more color.


As we drive, the leaves are getting more yellow and orange.

The Ohio leaves get even more orange as we head north.

We are home… at least my sister is.  I live two more hours north, but her place always feels like home.

I hope you have enjoyed our trip!

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