Fusible Laser Cut Appliques

These are different from others!   

Our appliques go together like a jigsaw puzzle, fitting together perfectly, but have  clear instructions that make them like paint by number!   And these don’t have to go back in a box!

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Our Iron On Laser Cut Applique kits are fun to put together and allow you to make beautiful creations in a very small amount of time.  Our fusible appliques are made from high quality quilt shop grade fabrics (mostly Hoffman Fabrics Bali Batiks), and cut with great precision so the final result will be a beautiful design with minimal time and effort.  These designs are different than others, as there is little to no overlap of the pieces, resulting in less bulk.  The instructions are very well written, and have illustrations of where every piece belongs.

To watch a video of the complete process of putting the Scarlet Cardinal applique  kit together, click here.

I tested several fusibles (read about that here), and am confident that I have chosen the best available for this project (Steam a Seam 2).  The back side is tacky when you remove the paper backing, so you can position and reposition the pieces to get the design just right before ironing.  Your creation will look as if it took weeks, not minutes, to create!

Each kit includes all of the iron on laser cut pieces to make the design described.  You provide the fabric to fuse the design onto, as well as the steam iron (or dry iron with a damp pressing cloth) and ironing surface.  You will also need a pair of small scissors or snips with a sharp cut at the point, or a very sharp seam ripper, to release the shape you will be using from the holder fabric.

Applique pieces can be stitched down or left as is.  Our test samples have gone through several washings without puckering or fraying when left unstitched.  The laser cutting is very hot, and  fuses the fusible product into the edge of the fabric to help prevent fraying.

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