Artfully Quilted Design is a supplier of our wholesale quilting supplies.  We offer wholesale purchasers a discount for the items that we manufacture (design, cut or engrave).  This includes the applique kits, scatterings, engraved tumblers, and templates on our website.  Custom kits, custom engraving, and custom templates are also available.  We engrave custom designs, including your logo, on multiple types of materials including, but not limited to stainless tumblers or water bottles, key tags, signs, or glass.  Your custom product or  templates for your quilt design can become a reality! 


There is a ONE TIME process to get you set up to purchase wholesale on this site.

STEP 1.    Go to the “My Account” page and create a user name and password.  You will need the user name to complete Step 2.

STEP 2.   Please use this form or you can download a form below and we will contact you with more information.

Or you can download our wholesale application form here.   Please email completed application AND your account user name to create@ArtfullyQuilted.com.

STEP 3.  (To be completed AFTER you are notified you have been accepted for a wholesale account.)   Upload your tax exempt documentation (this varies by state) on the “My Account, Tax Exemption” page.

REMEMBER!   This is a ONE TIME process!  After this you will be able to order on our website without all these steps or contacting us.

Questions?  Need more information?  Please feel free to contact us.

We are located in northern Ohio.  All of our design work, cutting, and engraving are done in the USA.