Batiks! Batiks! Batiks!

This is what happens when you are confined to home too long!

I was made an offer I could not refuse on batiks.  I love all fabric.  But most of all I love batiks.  How could I say no?

These have been added to the store within the past hour.    I am only doing cuts in one yard increments, no 1/2 yards or 1/4 yards.   That is mainly because I don’t have time right now to keep up with recording those.

I have to admit, the process for purchasing these on the website is not as straight forward as I would like.  In order to do it the way I (and I am sure the customer!) would like to do it would mean an upgrade.  My two year old business is just starting to come close to paying its bills, and I am just not yet willing to add more cost.  I would rather use that money buy more fabric for you and I to play with!  So, please, please, please bear with me!

The process is outlined on the store page.  It involves clicking a link and going to the Batiks page to see what the options are, and then emailing us to let us know what you want.  Not so difficult, but extra steps for sure.

I hope you and yours are doing well!   I also hope you are making some time to create.  It definitely helps the mental state!

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