Home!   I got home to my house on Sunday late evening.  There is so much to do after being gone for over two weeks, not the least of which was laundry.  Load after load of it.  And before I could do said laundry, all bags had to be unpacked and the store put back into organization (I had taken much of it with me, complete with packing materials.)  And bills to be paid.  And book work and paperwork from the trip to be done…  I am sure you have been there and know what I am talking about.

I started this English Paper Piecing project on the trip.  I know how to do this.  I know that the parallelograms have a right and a wrong direction.  I have written the directions and photographed the process for “Dora’s Flower Garden“, but when one has had a long day and is tired, sometimes the brain just doesn’t compute.  I got started on this row, and realized that half of my basted parallelograms are backwards.  Not a big deal, but while in the car, an iron was not available to press the creases out to reverse them.  Time to unsew!

Dora's Flower Garden EEP
It isn’t so much as having a right or wrong side, but they do need to all go the same direction!

And then I started a small sewing project late Tuesday night.  I was just really tired and needed something mindless.  After five minutes of sewing, my modern machine made an awful racket and jammed.  I love my vintage machines, but do not currently have one that does a zig zag, and that was what this project required.  Oh, well.  Put that project on the shelf as well.  My machine is now getting the spa treatment at my friendly machine repair lady’s shop.  (She really is friendly.  That was NOT sarcasm!)

So outside work it is.  And THAT is delightful!  The colors are so beautiful, and the skies have been so clear and pretty, I can’t help but enjoy these beautiful autumn days.  Just a week ago, I was in Arkansas and the trees had barely started to turn.  Every once in awhile we would catch a glimpse of red or yellow and comment on it.  The farther north we got, the more color we saw.   And my house was the farthest north I have been, and it is gorgeous!  I think God just wanted me to put aside my projects and pay attention to His handiwork for a few days!   I am still creating.  I am creating the backdrop for the flowers that will come up next spring, finally spreading the mulch that was purchased over the summer.  LOL.

Fall color of my Lime Light Hydrangea
Fall color of my Lime Light Hydrangea
Bright pink zinnia
There are still some zinnias in bloom.
Orange Mum
Mums add so much brightness to autumn!
Autumn Blaze Maple
I love my Autumn Blaze Maple tree!
Sugar Maple
I think the red-orange of the Sugar Maple is the most eye catching!
So Beautiful
It is just so beautiful when you put them all together!

What are you creating today?  Take time to enjoy all of the creation around you!

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